Welcome to Brainiacs Classes!

We are eager to impart professional competence to student’s aspiring talents.

We are a team of professionals, working in industry sector as well as education sector. From the years of experience we gained in our twin careers the need of students and parents. Fulfilling that need with quality at an affordable cost is the realisation through Brainiacs. The ultimate need of a student is an education which makes him or her ready for a dignified career. Our interaction and relation with students provided us with such an experience that we provide what a student needs and what conventional educational system lacks. Every student has the ability to compete well, provided if he is blessed with right guidance, right concepts and right inputs. No one is a slow learner but they are late bloomers. We expect good results not only from students who score excellent marks but we expect results from 100% students who join with us in this journey of studies.

Care for Students

Great care is taken to ensure that each student involves in his studies.

Value Based

Consistently providing education based on Indian values.

Qualified Staffs

Courses are taught by qualified teachers who have a rich and deep experience of working with students.